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Mission Statement

This wiki is aimed at going into depth on issues of Texas government and politics, with tangential emphasis on other areas that help explain these two in more detail. User accounts are open to any and all who wish to contribute, but all content is moderated for it's factual value. Copy and analysis that is partisan or polemic will be edited or removed to reflect any underlying factual value of whatever is added.

The bottom line for what type of material to add is simple: If you can seed the information, grow the information, or maintain the information, your contributions are invited. Any copy that is not immediately pertinent to Texas government or politics will be reviewed for relevance.

All material in this wiki is considered open source and is freely available for re-use. Attribution, however, is always welcome in return.

Any further questions, contact Greg Wythe at greg@gregsopinion.com

Ways to Get Involved

  • Create an account

If you haven't already created an account, you can do so here. Account creation is occasionally monitored for spam accounts. New accounts are generally required to be in effect for 24 hours before users can edit and create copy for the site. If an expedited account is desired, an email to the address above usually helps speed things up.

  • Select an Area of Interest

The primary areas of interest for this site are Texas government, elections, geography, and demographics. There are a number of side issues that relate to all of the above, which may be added (education is one target for inclusion, for instance). If there is anything that fits cleanly within those areas, your additions and edits are invited. If there is an area of interest that you are unsure of whether it would fit, but feel inclined to add, email me at greg@gregsopinion.com and we can discuss.

  • Write & Cite

Many areas of the site are in need of writing. Each legislative district, county, elected official, election history and so forth could use a writeup that is informative to readers. All that is asked is that the information be kept factual.