Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) was established in 1965 to provide leadership for and coordination of the public higher education system in Texas.


The agency's mission is to work with the Legislature, Governor, governing boards, higher education institutions and other entities to help Texas meet the goals of the state's higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015, and thereby provide the people of Texas the widest access to higher education of the highest quality in the most efficient manner.

The agency's goals are to coordinate Texas higher education and to administer various student financial aid, federal grant, and state-funded trusteed programs. The agency establishes a master plan for higher education in Texas; prescribes the role and mission of public higher education institutions; reviews university academic programs, academic and vocational technical programs at the community and technical colleges, and health-related programs; approves certain construction projects and real estate purchases; and promotes access to and quality in higher education.

The Coordinating Board's responsibilities fall into three major areas.

The Coordinating Board works with the Legislature, Governor, and colleges and universities to coordinate Texas higher education and expand access, improve equality and promote efficiency through actions like the following:

- Develops higher education plan

- Reviews and approves degree programs and construction of major facilities

Provides information on higher education to state policy makers and citizens

Administers state and federal programs such as:

- Advanced Research Program and Advanced Technology Program - Hinson-Hazlewood College Student Loan Program - Carl D. Perkins Technical Vocational Funds

Commissioner & Board

Term Expires
Fred W. Heldenfels IV (Chair) August 31, 2013
Harold W. Hahn (Vice Chair) August 31, 2013
Dennis D. Golden, O.D. (Secretary) August 31, 2015
Durga D. Agrawal August 31, 2015
Robert "Bobby" Jenkins Jr. August 31, 2017
Munir Abdul Lalani August 31, 2015
James H. Lee August 31, 2013
Janelle Shepard August 31, 2017
David D. Teuscher, M.D. August 31, 2017
Ryan T. Bridges (Student Representative) May 31, 2013
Raymund A. Paredes
(Commissioner of Higher Education)