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Who & Where
On October 29, 2001, State Representative Paul Hilbert passed away after a long battle with cancer. He served the 150th district since being elected in 1982. The central northern slice of Harris County around Spring has historically been among the most conservative areas in the county. Due to the proximity to upcoming 2002 election season, this led to a Republican Primary to select a State Representative in a newly drawn district and a Special Election in May to fill out the remainder of a term in the previous version of the district. In both cases, Republican voters in and around Spring serve as the epicenter for the district. The current iteration of the 150th district has been shorn of all but outlying areas of Tomball. In part, this is due to the proximate residences of both Riddle and fellow Republican State Representative Allen Fletcher, of Tomball.

In the 2012 Republican Primary for United States Senate, Magnolia funeral director and former school board trustee Glenn Addison had his best performance in parts of the district. While Addisson's campaign was limited in scope and communication - he won a meager 1.6% of the vote statewide - his success in this area is an additional datapoint of the brand of conservatism that voters in this part of Harris County have been drawn to.

Debbie Riddle
First elected in 2002, Debbie Riddle has been outspoken against expanding the Children's Health Care program known as CHIP, in favor of requiring voters to produce a photo ID, increasing funding for border patrols along the Mexican border and making the federal offense of unlawful presence in the United States a state trespassing charge.

Riddle has become more notorious, however, due to her suggestions that the concept of tuition-free public education and free health care were ideas that come from the "pit of hell" and that "terror babies" were being created by Middle Eastern women who were giving birth to their children in the United States and returned to their Middle Eastern country to be raised as terrorists with United States citizenship rights. Riddle would later clarify her "pit of hell" comment as being limited to the concept of free education and health care for non-citizens.

March 6, 2003 interview with the El Paso Times:

Where did this idea come from that everybody deserves free education, free medical care, free whatever? It comes from Moscow, from Russia. It comes straight out of the pit of hell. And it's cleverly disguised as having a tender heart. It's not a tender heart. It's ripping the heart out of this country.

Riddle's first run for political office actually came in 1976 for a City Council seat in Georgetown. Her initial win for HD150 came in the redistricting year of 2002. Riddle narrowly won without a runoff over Rafael Ortega who had won 40.6% of the GOP Primary vote. The 2002 primary contest saw Riddle challenge Ortega's residency. The race would end up as the closest election Riddle has faced to date.

In 2010, Riddle self-published a book entitled "Taking Back Your Community, Your Country and Your Kids."

District Outlook
In 2014, Riddle will once more see a primary challenge. This time, from Lebanese-born businessman, Terry Noun.

District Map

Population & Demographics

Total Pop. 18+ Pop. CVAP-10 CVAP-11
Total 168,735 120,462 101,405 105,480
Anglo 55.5% 59.7% 67.0% 65.8%
Hispanic 23.8% 21.0% 13.9% 15.0%
Afr-Am 14.4% 12.8% 14.1% 13.8%
Other 6.9% 6.8%
Asian 3.8% 4.5%

2014 Election Analysis

March 4th Republican Primary

Candidate Votes  %
Tony Noun 2,620 25.1%
Debbie Riddle 7,830 74.9%
Total Votes 10,450

2012 Election Analysis

94,121 Registered Voters
11,799 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
65,818 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
U.S. President Mitt Romney 68.9% Barack Obama 29.9%
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz 68.7% Paul Sadler 29.0%
RR Commish Christi Craddick 69.0% Dale Henry 27.9%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 66.8% Michele Petty 29.9%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller 68.0% Keith Hampton 29.5%
State Representative Debbie Riddle 70.1% Brad Neal 29.9%
County Sheriff Louis Guthrie 64.7% Adrian Garcia 33.7%
County Attorney Robert Talton 68.4% Vince Ryan 31.6%
District Attorney Mike Anderson 71.0% Lloyd Oliver 29.0%
Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan 67.7% Ann Bennett 29.9%
County Brd. of Education Mike Wolfe 68.5% Diane Trautman 31.5%

2010 Election Analysis

90,813 Registered Voters
10,525 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
42,172 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
Governor Rick Perry 67.1% Bill White 31.0%
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst 74.1% Linda Chavez-Thompson 23.4%
Attorney General Greg Abbott 75.9% Barbara Radnofsky 22.5%
Comptroller Susan Combs 88.2%
Land Commish Jerry Patterson 74.4% Hector Uribe 23.5%
Ag. Commish Todd Staples 73.9% Hank Gilbert 23.8%
RR Commish David Porter 72.9% Jeff Weems 24.3%
Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann 73.7% Jim Sharp 24.5%
Supreme Court Paul Green 73.4% Bill Moody 24.8%
Supreme Court Eva Guzman 74.2% Blake Bailey 23.3%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Michael Keasler 74.3% Keith Hampton 23.8%


2011 Redistricting

2001 Redistricting

News Results

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