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Who & Where

Bill Callegari

District Outlook
Rep. Callegari announced his retirement from the House on Sept. 23, 2013.

Adding to the context of the election is the defeat of a Katy ISD bond proposal that would have added a new football stadium to the district. The district presently has multiple schools sharing a stadium, one of which is the multiple-state-championship Katy Tigers. The bond's defeat emboldened far right activists in the area.

The 2014 GOP primary contest for the open seat features Ann Hodge (President/CEO of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce), Justin Perryman (attorney), Mike Schofield (aide to Gov. Perry), and Michael Franks (area Tea Party activist). Former Katy Mayor Don Ellers had been rumored to be considering the race, but did not file.

District Map

Population & Demographics

Total Pop. 18+ Pop. CVAP-10 CVAP-11
Total 172,973 117,666 87,765 95,675
Anglo 42.6% 46.8% 57.9% 54.5%
Hispanic 36.2% 33.0% 22.0% 24.4%
Afr-Am 14.5% 13.1% 14.2% 15.1%
Other 7.5% 7.6%
Asian 4.9% 4.9%
  • Total and 18+ Population taken from 2010 Census data, provided by the Texas Legislative Council.
  • CVAP-10: American Community Survey data from 2006-2010, provided by the Texas Legislative Council.
  • CVAP-11: American Community Survey data from 2007-2011, provided by the Texas Legislative Council.

2014 Election Analysis

May 27th Republican Runoff

Candidate Votes  %
Ann Hodge 1,655 32.4%
Michael Schofield 3,450 67.6%
Total Votes 5,105

March 4th Republican Primary

Candidate Votes  %
Michael Franks 1,217 18.2%
Ann Hodge 1,301 19.5%
Justin Perryman 1,181 17.7%
Michael Schofield 2,980 44.6%
Total Votes 6,679

2012 Election Analysis

83,697 Registered Voters
16,256 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
53,941 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
U.S. President Mitt Romney 58.9% Barack Obama 39.8%
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz 59.3% Paul Sadler 38.2%
RR Commish Christi Craddick 59.4% Dale Henry 37.4%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 57.3% Michele Petty 39.4%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller 58.6% Keith Hampton 38.9%
State Representative Bill Callegari 80.7%
County Sheriff Louis Guthrie 55.5% Adrian Garcia 42.8%
County Attorney Robert Talton 59.4% Vince Ryan 40.6%
District Attorney Mike Anderson 61.5% Lloyd Oliver 38.5%
Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan 58.2% Ann Bennett 39.3%
County Brd. of Education Mike Wolfe 59.3% Diane Trautman 40.7%

2010 Election Analysis

78,191 Registered Voters
14,062 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
31,674 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
Governor Rick Perry 60.2% Bill White 37.9%
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst 66.8% Linda Chavez-Thompson 30.8%
Attorney General Greg Abbott 68.9% Barbara Radnofsky 29.4%
Comptroller Susan Combs 85.7%
Land Commish Jerry Patterson 66.8% Hector Uribe 30.9%
Ag. Commish Todd Staples 66.4% Hank Gilbert 31.1%
RR Commish David Porter 65.5% Jeff Weems 31.3%
Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann 66.1% Jim Sharp 31.9%
Supreme Court Paul Green 66.2% Bill Moody 31.7%
Supreme Court Eva Guzman 67.1% Blake Bailey 30.3%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Michael Keasler 66.7% Keith Hampton 31.2%


2011 Redistricting

2001 Redistricting

News Results

Senator Creighton Announces 84th Legislative Staff - Montgomery County Newspaper
Senator Creighton Announces 84th Legislative StaffMontgomery County NewspaperHe has worked with numerous legislative offices since 2004, including State Representative Bill Callegari and Senator Joan Huffman. Zach joined Senator Creighton's office in January 2013 as Legislative Director covering the House Insurance Committee, ...
Bill Callegari, guest columnist: Water reuse has bad rap, but it's a clean ... - Waco Tribune-Herald
Bill Callegari, guest columnist: Water reuse has bad rap, but it's a clean ...Waco Tribune-HeraldBill Callegari represents the Katy and west Harris County area in the Texas House of Representatives. He chairs the House Committee on Pensions and has served as a member and a vice chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources for several ...


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