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Who & Where

John Davis

District Outlook
On August 20, 2013, Representative Davis announced his intention to not run for re-election in 2014. Possible candidates on the Republican side are Chuck Maricle (business owner and community leader), Dennis Paul (SREC member), Sheryl Berg (SREC member), and Briscoe Cain (attorney). On the Democratic side, 2006/2008 nominee Sherrie Matula is a possible candidate.

District Map

Population & Demographics

Total Pop. 18+ Pop. CVAP-10 CVAP-11
Total 174,127 130,457 114,545 116,020
Anglo 55.5% 59.3% 66.4% 65.9%
Hispanic 23.2% 20.4% 15.2% 16.0%
Afr-Am 9.4% 8.6% 8.4% 7.7%
Other 12.3% 12.1%
Asian 8.3% 8.9%

2014 Election Analysis

104,980 Registered Voters
15,021 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
39,527 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
US Senate John Cornyn 67.3% David Alameel 28.8%
Governor Greg Abbott 64.1% Wendy Davis 34.2%
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 62.8% Leticia Van de Putte 33.9%
Attorney General Ken Paxton 64.4% Sam Houston 32.9%
Comptroller Glen Hegar 64.0% Mike Collier 32.6%
Land Commish George P. Bush 67.1% John Cook 29.3%
Ag. Commish Sid Miller 66.0% Jim Hogan 30.0%
RR Commish Ryan Sitton 65.7% Steve Brown 30.1%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 66.9% Bill Moody 30.4%
Supreme Court Jeff Brown 67.6% Lawrence Meyers 29.7%
Supreme Court Jeff Boyd 64.5% Gina Benavides 32.4%
Supreme Court Phil Johnson 83.1%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Bert Richardson 66.8% John Granberg 30.1%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Kevin Patrick Yeary 81.7%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals David Newell 82.5%
State Representative Dennis Paul 67.8% John Gay 32.2%

May 27th Republican Runoff

Candidate Votes  %
Sheryl Berg 3,767 47.7%
Dennis Paul 4,138 52.3%
Total Votes 7,905

March 4th Republican Primary

Candidate Votes  %
Sheryl Berg 2,806 25.6%
Briscoe Cain 1,253 11.4%
Mary Huls 1,087 9.9%
Jeff Larson 478 4.4%
Chuck Maricle 719 6.6%
Dennis Paul 2,756 25.1%
Brent Perry 1,869 17.0%
Total Votes 10,968

2012 Election Analysis

99,856 Registered Voters
13,222 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
65,638 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
U.S. President Mitt Romney 64.5% Barack Obama 33.9%
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz 64.0% Paul Sadler 33.1%
RR Commish Christi Craddick 65.2% Dale Henry 30.8%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 62.1% Michele Petty 34.0%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller 63.2% Keith Hampton 33.8%
State Representative John Davis 100.0%
County Sheriff Louis Guthrie 60.3% Adrian Garcia 37.4%
County Attorney Robert Talton 64.3% Vince Ryan 35.7%
District Attorney Mike Anderson 68.5% Lloyd Oliver 31.5%
Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan 64.5% Ann Bennett 32.5%
County Brd. of Education Mike Wolfe 63.9% Diane Trautman 36.1%

2010 Election Analysis

100,550 Registered Voters
12,602 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
46,534 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
Governor Rick Perry 60.6% Bill White 37.5%
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst 69.1% Linda Chavez-Thompson 28.0%
Attorney General Greg Abbott 71.4% Barbara Radnofsky 26.7%
Comptroller Susan Combs 86.8%
Land Commish Jerry Patterson 70.1% Hector Uribe 27.4%
Ag. Commish Todd Staples 69.1% Hank Gilbert 28.3%
RR Commish David Porter 67.3% Jeff Weems 29.2%
Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann 68.8% Jim Sharp 28.9%
Supreme Court Paul Green 67.8% Bill Moody 29.8%
Supreme Court Eva Guzman 69.9% Blake Bailey 27.2%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Michael Keasler 69.6% Keith Hampton 28.1%


2011 Redistricting

2001 Redistricting

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