Election 2013

Election 2013

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City of Houston Elections

After narrowly winning re-election without a runoff against multiple unknown candidates, the name-dropping and level of intensity for Mayor Annise Parker's final term of office has potential to be greater in 2013. Former City Attorney Ben Hall has already made multiple announcements of his campaign to unseat Parker for Mayor. Former City Housing Director James Noteware had previously confirmed his interest in running for Mayor, but does not seem to be entering the race going into the summer. Among the lesser-known candidates is Republican trial lawyer, Erik Dick.

Term-limited members of council this cycle include Wanda Adams (District D), James Rodriguez (District I), and Melissa Noriega (At-Large 3). District A Councilwoman Helena Brown is expected to have strong opposition given her controversial first term.

Contestants who have already made an announcement or demonstrated campaign activity are as follows:

  • District A: Brenda Stardig, Amy Peck, Mike Knox
  • District D: Dwight Boykins, Assata Richards, Georgia Provost, Keith Caldwell
  • District I: Gracie Garces, Ben Mendez, Leticia Ablaza, Robert Gallegos
  • At-Large 2: Andrew Burks (i), David Robinson
  • At-Large 3: Jennifer Rene-Pool, Rogene Calvert, Roy Morales, Roland Chavez, Chris Carmona, Michael Kubosh,

City of Dallas Elections

City of Fort Worth Elections

City of San Antonio Elections

City of Irving Elections

City of Arlington Elections

City of Farmers Branch Elections

Senate District 6 Special Election

With the passing of District 6 Senator Mario Gallegos on October 16, 2012, a Special Election was necessitated after voters gave the late Senator a majority of the vote on Election Day. The Special Election was scheduled for January 26, 2013 and the runoff ultimately scheduled for March 2nd.

The two most prominent candidates to file for the contest were former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and District 145 State Representative Carol Alvarado, both Democrats. Six other minor candidates rounded out the field, including one lone Republican, R.W. Bray, who had been on the ballot against Gallegos in November. Notable candidates who passed on this contest include HCC Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores, former State Representative Rick Noriega and Houston City Councilwoman Melissa Noriega.

The first round of the election proved closer than expected, with very few votes distributed among the lesser candidates. The overwhelming share of the electorate that turned out ended up limiting their decision to either Garcia or Alvarado. And while Garcia rightfully ended up sealing her frontrunner status due to representing a larger share of the district and being the only Hispanic County official prior to the contest, Alvarado's showing was strong enough to ensure that a runoff would be anyone's contest. Adding to the uncertainty was that while Garcia won a majority of the early vote, Alvarado earned a slim plurality among Election Day voters.

With the race whittled down to two contestants for the runoff, the stylistic differences between the two candidates ended up getting magnified. Garcia had earned the backing of Democratic trial attorney Steve Mostyn and the manpower of the Texas Organizing Project for her campaign. Similarly, many of the local Democratic elected officials had supported Garcia since she first got into the race. Alvarado's support, going back to her days on City Council, had always included a share of establishment support. In this case, it was followed by support from Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Alvarado was also more clear in her desire to win over Republican voters who theoretically would have made up a swing percentage of the vote - at least if this were a General Election between two Democrats. The contrast allowed for a fairly clear distinction among diehard Democratic voters. The end result showed that Garcia won majorities among Early Voters as well as Election Day voters.

First Round: January 26, 2013

Candidate Votes  %
Rodolfo "Rudy" Reyes (Ind.) 125 0.76%
Dorothy Olmos (R) 461 2.82%
R.W. Bray (R) 1,015 6.20%
Carol Alvarado (D) 6,813 41.62%
Joaquin Martinez (D) 405 2.47%
Sylvia R. Garcia (D) 7,424 45.35%
Susan Delgado (D) 53 0.32%
Maria Selva (Grn.) 73 0.45%
Total Votes 16,369

Runoff: March 2, 2013

Candidate Votes  %
Carol Alvarado (D) 8,546 47.10%
Sylvia R. Garcia (D) 9,595 52.89%
Total Votes 18,141







  • Campaign Finance Reports (January Semi)
Total Raised Total Spent Cash on Hand Loans
Alvarado $343,653 $426,934 $304,349 0.00
Garcia $244,086 $320,381 $474,006 0.00

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