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Who & Where

Randy Weber

District Outlook

District Map

Population & Demographics

Total Pop. 18+ Pop. CVAP
Total 698,472 523,423 479,540
Anglo 53.3% 56.9% 61.9%
Hispanic 22.1% 19.2% 13.7%
Afr-Am 21.2% 20.3% 21.4%
Other 3.9% 3.8%
Asian 1.9%

2014 Election Analysis

March 4th Democratic Primary

Candidate Votes  %
Donald Brown 9,780 68.2%
Gagan Panjhazari 853 6.0%
Buck Willis 3,699 25.8%
Total Votes 14,332

2012 Election Analysis

407,734 Registered Voters
47,889 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
248,177 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
U.S. President Mitt Romney 59.3% Barack Obama 39.4%
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz 58.0% Paul Sadler 39.8%
U.S. Congress Randy Weber 53.5% Nick Lampson 44.6%
RR Commish Christi Craddick 56.9% Dale Henry 39.9%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 54.7% Michele Petty 41.9%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller 56.3% Keith Hampton 41.1%

2010 Election Analysis

412,313 Registered Voters
46,830 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
164,942 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
Governor Rick Perry 55.9% Bill White 42.0%
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst 62.3% Linda Chavez-Thompson 34.9%
Attorney General Greg Abbott 64.4% Barbara Radnofsky 33.7%
Comptroller Susan Combs 86.2%
Land Commish Jerry Patterson 63.2% Hector Uribe 34.2%
Ag. Commish Todd Staples 61.3% Hank Gilbert 35.9%
RR Commish David Porter 60.0% Jeff Weems 36.3%
Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann 59.4% Jim Sharp 38.2%
Supreme Court Paul Green 60.3% Bill Moody 37.0%
Supreme Court Eva Guzman 60.3% Blake Bailey 36.4%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Michael Keasler 61.0% Keith Hampton 36.7%


2011 Redistricting

2003 Redistricting

News Results

18 Republicans pledge to oppose any bill funding Planned Parenthood - The Hill
The Hill
18 Republicans pledge to oppose any bill funding Planned ParenthoodThe Hill?It is imperative that Congress do everything within its power to investigate these reports and take immediate action to stop them,? the Republicans wrote, adding that they want leadership to hold a conference meeting as soon as possible to discuss the ...and more »
PRESS RELEASE - Your Houston News
PRESS RELEASEYour Houston NewsThe REINS Act would increase accountability and transparency in the federal regulatory process by allowing Congress to give final approval on all new major regulations. Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood), an original co-sponsor of the legislation, ...and more »
PETER HANNAFORD, ROBERT ZAPESOCHNY: Reviving 'peace through strength ... - Washington Times
Washington Times
PETER HANNAFORD, ROBERT ZAPESOCHNY: Reviving 'peace through strength ...Washington TimesThe Iran regime may think twice if Congress were to strengthen Israel's capabilities. At a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, there were two members, Democrat Grace Meng of New York and Republican Randy Weber of Texas, who said we ...and more »

Congressional Districts

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