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Who & Where

Randy Weber

District Outlook

District Map

Population & Demographics

Total Pop. 18+ Pop. CVAP
Total 698,472 523,423 479,540
Anglo 53.3% 56.9% 61.9%
Hispanic 22.1% 19.2% 13.7%
Afr-Am 21.2% 20.3% 21.4%
Other 3.9% 3.8%
Asian 1.9%

2014 Election Analysis

March 4th Democratic Primary

Candidate Votes  %
Donald Brown 9,780 68.2%
Gagan Panjhazari 853 6.0%
Buck Willis 3,699 25.8%
Total Votes 14,332

2012 Election Analysis

407,734 Registered Voters
47,889 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
248,177 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
U.S. President Mitt Romney 59.3% Barack Obama 39.4%
U.S. Senate Ted Cruz 58.0% Paul Sadler 39.8%
U.S. Congress Randy Weber 53.5% Nick Lampson 44.6%
RR Commish Christi Craddick 56.9% Dale Henry 39.9%
Supreme Court Nathan Hecht 54.7% Michele Petty 41.9%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Sharon Keller 56.3% Keith Hampton 41.1%

2010 Election Analysis

412,313 Registered Voters
46,830 Spanish-Surnamed Registered Voters
164,942 Total Ballots

Contest Rep. Candidate R-% Dem. Candidate D-%
Governor Rick Perry 55.9% Bill White 42.0%
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst 62.3% Linda Chavez-Thompson 34.9%
Attorney General Greg Abbott 64.4% Barbara Radnofsky 33.7%
Comptroller Susan Combs 86.2%
Land Commish Jerry Patterson 63.2% Hector Uribe 34.2%
Ag. Commish Todd Staples 61.3% Hank Gilbert 35.9%
RR Commish David Porter 60.0% Jeff Weems 36.3%
Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann 59.4% Jim Sharp 38.2%
Supreme Court Paul Green 60.3% Bill Moody 37.0%
Supreme Court Eva Guzman 60.3% Blake Bailey 36.4%
Crt. of Criminal Appeals Michael Keasler 61.0% Keith Hampton 36.7%


2011 Redistricting

2003 Redistricting

News Results

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U.S. Congressional Districts

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